BSC validation testing

Biological safety cabinets validation testing


The functional operation and integrity of each BSC should be certified to national or international performance standards at the time of installation and regularly thereafter by qualified technicians, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of cabinet containment should include tests for cabinet integrity, HEPA filter leaks, downflow velocity profile, face velocity, negative pressure/ventilation rate, air flow smoke pattern, and alarms and interlocks.

Optional tests for electrical leaks, lighting intensity, ultraviolet light intensity, noise level and vibration may also be conducted. Special training, skills and equipment are required to perform these tests and it is highly recommended that they are undertaken by a qualified professional.


 1. HEPA leak test 
 2. Down flow test
 3. Inflow test
 4. Air flow smoke pattern
 5. Noise level 
 6. lighting intensity
 7. Vibration
 8. Ultraviolet light intensity